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Sarah Watson reviews Thompson Hall’s Home Away from Home


The HOUSE Festival Brighton 2016 Thompson Hall – Home Away From Home A HOUSE/Outside In co-commission at The Regency Town House 13 Brunswick Square, Hove 30 April – 29 May. 

Thompson Hall painting featuring dark colours, it depicts the view from a window out onto a cityscape, with creeping creatures around the windows.

Hall’s paintings of London employ a more foreboding palette. Photograph: Nigel Green.

The venue for this exhibition was a house with beautiful architecture and structure. It really worked well feeling like you are in a house and not museum.

I like the boldness of the colours in Thompson’s paintings.  Each piece of artwork he creates has different art techniques in the fine details. For instance, in one of his paintings he uses gold and silver paint to create a 3D effect on the railings giving them a shine when seen from a distance.

There was a video in the first room I went into about how he makes his work and the techniques he uses. This helped to make sense of his work.

I didn’t know there were monsters in his paintings because it wasn’t obvious until I heard him speak at the launch. After this it’s made complete sense when he told us that they were based on his intense anxiety. I can relate to how he feels because I have the same things with mine – it’s like dark bleak shadows creeping over me.

There is another drawing where there were two doors – one going into a parallel world – it makes you wonder what it would be like if you chose the that world

Going to Thompson’s launch gave me courage to believe that anyone, disabled or not, can have an exhibition if they have the drive.

Overall l really enjoyed this.

– Sarah Watson

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