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Creative Minds: You and I Know review


Katy Cracknell reviews Candoco Dance Company’s You and I Know.

photo of two dancers against a brick wall background

Candoco Dance Company present You And I Know. Photograph: Camilla Greenwell

On Tuesday 6th September I saw two of Candoco’s dancers perform a new duet called, You and I Know, choreographed by Arlene Phillips.

The performance took place on the Clore Ballroom with chairs surrounding the stage area in an open rectangle shape. I liked the fact that it was free, open and accessible for anyone to watch, which was good because there was a broad range of audience from children and parents, to visitors. I do know the work of Candoco, as I have seen many of their past performances, with a bigger cast of dancers, and I used to be part of their youth company.

It was nice to see them trying to do something a bit smaller because I felt that there was a connection and friendship between the dancers. I could see that they both shared their experiences and interests, and there was a positive collaborative approach between the dancers and the choreographer.

As I watched the performance I thought that the dancers worked very well together as a duet; they played with varying their movements to show the ups and downs of going through a relationship. Sometimes they would get very close, or if they were angry with each other they would hit the tables. You and I Know, helps us think about how we communicate with each other and explores different ways of communicating.

Throughout the piece the music plays an important role too, and it changes the mood of the story and takes the audience on a journey.

The audience feedback was positive, and some saw it twice, sitting in another seat to get a different perspective. The piece was very beautiful and engaging to watch, I could see that the audience wanted to be part of their story. Unfortunately, I only got it see it once but I would see it again, if it was at an outdoor festival it would be interesting to see if people stopped to watch the performance.

Candoco Dance Company are performing a double-bill of Set/Reset and Let’s Talk About Dis at Contact Centre, Manchester 16-17 November.

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