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Daphne is looking for help over her recent confusion with the National Theatre?

Photo of Mandy Redvers-Rowe as Daphne


Yes it’s time for your regular date with Daphne!

And remember, popcorn only pops when it’s hot!

Which probably means our popping days are over for yet another year – as winter is definitely coming.

Now a few weeks ago, when we were all still hot and popping, I was at the DaDaFest 300 where lots of you all seemed to be living together very happily.

I think it’s amazing, that Arts Centres have started to open their doors to you people of difference. And not just open their doors – but roll out their ramps, lay out their loops, and welcome you in to stay.

It’s true, that I didn’t get to see the dormitories, but I was assured that the Arts Centre is where everyone wanted to be and where they planned to stay!

So good on you Bluecoat!

By the way, I absolutely get the reference to blue – think it’s inspired – but not to the coat bit. Perhaps it’s just that when people are feeling blue they’re more likely to feel the cold. Anyway, a perfect name for a centre that takes in all you ‘unusual suspects’!

And in the same week where bubbly Boris and wild girl May partied together in Brighton, one of our leading publicly funded arts organisations also offered to have a conversation with you less able people. Yes, The National Theatre no less! How marvellous!

This theatre, which aims to embody… no, represent the wonderful variety of our great nation, has actually started to talk to Dibly People! well that really is progress!

What I’m a little confused about is this. They have offered to let you in to be part of the audience, and have created some lovely projects in their community room, which I think is so sweet! But I’m not sure why it’s important for you to actually get up on to the stage. Is it just a dream sort of fulfilment thing? You getting up there on the same stage where all the proper actors work?

Someone please write and explain?

It’s Daphne
It’s Disability Arts Online

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