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Daphne on Christmas


Hello to all you lovely Dibly readers!

It’s me – Daphne – your one and only Agony Aunt.

Daphne holding a bottle of wine

Daphne at Christmas

I thought you might all need a bit of advice – to prop you up and get you through the festive season.  Just remember – no matter how many baubles you break when decorating your inaccessible wood or plastic based tree – they’ll be half price in less than a week!

So, I’ve had a few letters about some of the problems you’re facing at this time of year.

How do I deck the halls – or even my ordinary accessible bungalow – when I can’t even reach a standard kitchen work surface?

Why not push the boat out and hire a helicopter for the day?  That would get you where you want to be!  You could even offer to deck your neighbours houses at the same time and earn yourself some community brownie points.

I’ve tried to be more festive – have even draped my wheelchair in fairy lights and tinsel – in an effort to communicate a feeling of festive good will and joy.  The only problem is that when I was waiting in a queue to pay for a pint of milk and a packet of shortbread biscuits – a small child mis-took me for a Christmas Tree and started crawling round my wheels looking for a present!

How lovely! I think you should regard this as a triumph! You’ve certainly made Christmas shopping more exciting for one young shopper!  But if you do want to avoid a similar incident – you could try dressing as a reindeer instead!

I want to meet up with my old blind school friends this Christmas – but we can’t work out how to find each other once we get to the station. We usually use bells to locate each other – but there are a lot of other bells around at this time of year and we’re worried we’ll end up singing Carols with a random group of fund raisers instead!

Goodness – I hadn’t thought of that! Access for blind people at this time of year must be a nightmare.  What you need is an audible cue that will stand out from all the rest of the Christmas noise. So, why not try playing some summer tunes on your phones – such as ‘Summer Time’ by Porgy & Bess – or ‘Summer Afternoon’ by The Kincks – or even ‘Summer In The City’ by the Lovin’ Spoonful!  That way you’ll know when you hear one of your school mates and won’t mistake them for anyone else!

Alternatively – you could just stay at home and meet up in January instead.

But whatever you do this Christmas – make sure you write and tell me about it!

It’s Daphne

It’s Disability Arts Online

And it’s over to you

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