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As the government gamble with our lives Crippen looks at the question of trust


People call me an old cynic when it comes to having any trust in this government to do what’s best for disabled people.

Boris Johnson gambles with death

gambling @

In the past when we were locked away in residential homes and the only way that the general public knew of our existence was when a ‘special’ bus, carrying disabled people to a sheltered workshop was stopped at the traffic lights, we weren’t really a problem. Out of sight, out of mind was the acceptable status quo.

However, ever since we decided that enough was enough and that ‘rights not charity’ would be our rallying cry, we’ve been a thorn in the governments side. In fact, the only real way that they could re-establish control over us was to introduce draconian measures through the benefits system. And it’s mainly been the distrust based around the workings of the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) that has brought us to the place we now find ourselves in.

Add to this the encouragement given to doctors and health care professionals to push the ‘do not resuscitate’ mantra and recommending that vital life-saving equipment is only to be given to those most likely to recover, has added to the suspicion that the Tory government are jumping on this opportunity to rid society of its useless eaters and scroungers.

So, do I trust the government to do what’s best for the disabled community? What do you think!

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