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Crippen asks: “are we just disposable members of society?!”


Having completely ignored us during this pandemic, Boris and his cronies continue to put the lives of disabled people at risk as he recklessly throws aside those few safety measures that remain.

Once again, we have to look out for ourselves, as this shambles of a government certainly aren’t doing it!

One can only think that unless they find a use for us, we’ll continue to be seen as disposable members of society. And, with my cartoon in mind, we’re certainly cheaper than canaries!

Boris Johnson is down a mine holding up a cage with a small disabled figure in it. He is wearing a miner’s helmet. Around his feet is a gassy mist identified as Covid 19. He is saying: “I knew they’d come in useful for something!”

disposable @

So, we need to keep doing what we do best – networking and supporting each other, even if it’s only through the medium of the internet.

Take care and keep safe brothers and sisters.

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