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Crippen compares the death rate of the Corona Virus to that held by IDS


Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) must be feeling a bit side-lined as a virus comes out of nowhere and threatens to overshadow his record of deaths created whilst head of the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP).

DWP deaths

IDS deaths@crippen

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know just how many disabled people have died due to the changes made to benefits by this modern Machiavellian. Suffice to say, the changes he made resulted in thousands of disabled people dying during the process or when told that they had failed the assessment process and were left without any income.

One thing that does stick in the craw, however, is that he’s been awarded a knighthood for his work during this period. A case of the establishment looking after its own again!

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Elizabeth Bentley
3 months ago

Yes , you are quite right … it was bad enough … Almost too much to bear now

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