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Crippen looks at the irony of Universal Credit design


UNIVERSAL Credit claimants could face online queues of more than 30,000 people when attempting to make a claim during the coronavirus crisis.

Thousands of ordinary people (sic) are suddenly being confronted with the issues that disabled people have been faced with ever since Iain Duncan Smith, former head of the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) took a sledge-hammer to the benefits system. This left many of us struggling to make ends meet, with some deciding that the only solution was to end our lives.

UC benefits crash

universal credit befits crash @

Ironically the Universal Credit system is becoming overwhelmed due to the coronavirus pandemic resulting in massive queues for new claimants. Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson said a constituent was faced with a 30,000-plus queue when trying to log a claim in the system as he warned waiting time could grow longer unless the Government intervenes immediately.

Speaking to Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the Commons on Tuesday, Mr Esterson said: “When I mentioned that the Universal Credit system was overwhelmed, the minister may not have quite taken on board the point I was raising.

“A self-employed worker sent me a screenshot of their attempts to use it just yesterday. There were 33,383 people ahead of them in the queue to use the claim section of the website.”

Welcome to the real world of disabled people folks. Now you know what we’ve been complaining about for the past several years!

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