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Crippen peels back another layer of DWP discrimination


The Department for Work and Pensions has lost more employment tribunals for disability discrimination than any other employer in Britain. It also has more cases in total and more cases which it lost than any other employer.

DWP tribunal failures

DWP tribunal failures @

BBC Panorama found the DWP lost 17 of 134 claims of discrimination against its own disabled workers. This amounts to 12.5% percent of its employment tribunal cases for disability between 2016 and 2019.

And it paid out at least £950,000 in both tribunal payments and out-of-court settlements in that time.

It is the government department that is responsible for supporting people with disabilities into employment. Of its 80,000 members of staff, 11,000 identify as disabled.

A comparison with the five employers who had the largest number of disability discrimination cases also showed that the DWP had more cases and more tribunal defeats in proportion to its total number of employees.

Karen Jackson, a leading disability discrimination lawyer, said: “There is a horrible irony that the organisation that is designed to look after the more vulnerable members of our society is constantly falling foul of the Equality Act around disability.

“To me, that can only suggest that there is something quite fundamentally, systemically wrong within the culture of the organisation.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “We are shocked that, when presented in this way, the data shows us in this light.”

Shocked! They should be bloody ashamed of themselves!

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And here is an audio transcription for easier access to the Blog (voice of Helen Lupton aka Mrs Crippen)


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Pete Keenan
3 months ago

Dave’s cartoons and commentaries – in combination; what a truly splendid account and analysis of not only government’s record in relation to health and social provision for the disabled, but which also clinically reveals in it’s detailed historical legislative review, the truth highlighted by Martin Niemöllers famous: ‘First they came for…….etc’ text. This is the take that I have always had on the progressive and remorseless ramping up of the legislation underpinning the ‘Hostile Environment’ for Refugee’s over a parallel era. The manner in which the state treats its most vulnerable citizens acts as a litmus test for the condition… Read more »

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