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Crippen reports that two thirds of those that have died during pandemic are disabled people


It’s official!

Disabled people have made up two-thirds of coronavirus deaths in the UK, according to the latest figures by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and they say that we’re also 11 times more likely to die of the virus than non-disabled people.

a cartoon about the high number of disabled who have died due to virus

gov fail disabled @

Despite all of the procrastination and refusal to release figures regarding the deaths of disabled people during this pandemic, the government have had to agree that the figures released by the ONS are accurate and reflect badly upon their lacklustre attempts to protect ‘the vulnerable’ as they’ve taken to calling us!

This has all been compounded, I’m sure, by the stripping back of social care and the virtual annihilation of services for disabled children. Also, According to figures released by the Guardian, hundreds of thousands of disabled people were left out of emergency benefit increases, while food parcels were withheld from people missed off the government’s list for having the “wrong” disability.

All too predictably, the price of Johnson’s early failure to contain the spread of the virus has been paid by those that could least afford it. The mass deaths of disabled people in this country should not be acceptable nor forgotten.

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