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Crippen reveals what has happened to some ex Remploy workers


Remember when Arlington Automotive bought the final three Remploy sheltered factories and took on the disabled employees stating that they were committed to equality and diversity in the workplace?

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Well, just two months after the government put the country into lockdown, Arlington entered administration and sacked more than 50 disabled staff, replacing them with non-disabled agency staff. The long-serving disabled staff who were sacked were mainly those with learning difficulties.

Disabled members of staff told the Disability News Service that most of them were informed off their dismissal over the phone whilst in Birmingham, others were escorted by security “bouncers” when they arrived to clear out their lockers of personal possessions.

Administrators for the company, which supplies companies like Jaguar Land Rover, told staff at its Birmingham and Coventry factories that Arlington would not be able to honour their redundancy agreements, and that they would instead have to claim much lower levels of compensation through the government.

For former Remploy workers, they could now be receiving tens of thousands of pounds less than they were expecting, with one long serving employee seeing his expected payment plunge from £75,000 to £16,000.

GMB regional organiser Rebecca Mitchell said that: “This is some of the lowest behaviour we’ve ever seen from a firm; sacking disabled workers over the phone and then trying to take away their hard-earned redundancy payments. Arlington Automotive is pushing disabled workers into the gutter … it appeared that the company was trying to get rid of all its workers with learning difficulties”.

To read the full Disability News Service article, please click here.

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