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Crippen sends Boris a ‘Get well soon’ message


I’m sure we all wish Boris a speedy recovery, but there must be quite a few of us who are pleased that the government’s lack of preparedness has come around to bite him in the proverbial. Karma I think it’s called!

do not resuscitate cartoon

get well soon boris @

Get well soon anyway Boris. You are a cartoonist’s dream and we’d all miss you terribly since you succumbed to this horrible virus.

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Dolly Sen
Dolly Sen
1 year ago

I am torn. He has been a bastard to disabled people, but there is a part of me that is unfortunately human that doesn’t want him to die. I just want everyone to have a right to life and hospital treatment if they get this horrible virus, that there is no prioritising about the worth of a life. You can hate somebody and not wish them death. Of course, I retreat to humour and will say if he needs to be ventilated, they might accidentally ventilate his arse as he talks a lot from out of there.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dolly Sen

I thought this cartoon was quite gentle for me but I’ve had feedback suggesting that I’d crossed a line somewhere! Can’t see it myself … thanks for the image of Boris’ arse though Dolly!

Merry Cross
Merry Cross
1 year ago

What have I missed? What’s the reference to Liz Carr. Please tell me she hasn’t got it!

1 year ago
Reply to  Merry Cross

No Merry. It’s just that Liz is at the forefront of the anti ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ campaign. See my latest Blog featuring her and Dennis Queen regarding the prioritising of non-disabled people.

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