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This blog has no title; it just is. / 30 October 2015

  1. Woke up.
  2. Felt weird.
  3. Read Dolly Sen’s blog.
  4. Did this picture.

    Woman, knives and sharks. Digital sketch.

    Woman, knives and sharks. Digital sketch.

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Alan Morrison

Joe / 30 October 2015

Weirdly clever image. Angst with teeth

Alan Morrison

Dolly Sen / 31 October 2015

not enough sharks in art, is what I always say

Alan Morrison

Deborah Caulfield / 3 November 2015 Dolly I just wanted to clarify that this blog was motivated/inspired (?) by your blog, in particular: * Label yourself creative thinker rather than broken mind. * Art weds me to the world by changing the way I look at it. * Look upon your mind with the eye of a painter, you can look upon it with curiosity and wonder. And your 4th commandment: *Do not make pathology or normality your idol. I struggle to both create and not create, damned/pissed off if I do or don’t. This picture is about fear –… Read more »

Alan Morrison

Deborah Caulfield / 3 November 2015

Thanks Joe.

And the knives – at one’s back and just about everywhere you look.

Best not to look.

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