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Everything connects to everything…


Much has happened since I last blogged, but little of note has been created. I’ve always tended to flit a bit, but I seem to be flitting a lot more than before. The problem isn’t lack of ideas, I get lots. I’m short on attention span. Lately I can barely scribble for more then ten minutes.

Picture of a paintbox

In blank times I often dig out old stuff, scan it, print it, frame it, stick it on the wall. Or make a video. I love technology. I love watercolour. I love paper, pens, brushes, paints. My watercolour box is over 30 years old (the paints are not the originals). It’s one of my most treasured possessions.

This video shows a series of six small (approx 10 x 10 cms) pictures. I painted them one sunny autumn day in 2011, at Snelsmore Common Country Park.

Painting from life, what’s in front, can be fraught. There’s so much going on, and so little time. One has to be selective, be realistic about what’s possible in short windows of pain-free time and energy.

I don’t bother with accuracy, or verisimilitude. It’s all about me and being, being there, feeling the earth under me, the sun in my face, the air all around.

It’s about colour and making a mark, making a commitment.

It’s about being alive, here, now.

Snelsmore Common is  a lovely place. I must go again soon, with my paintbox.

I love making these little films. They’re not clever or sophisticated. But I enjoy learning to use the software. And it’s a good way to display pictures, to get them out from under the bed and in front of an audience.

For this film I did quite a lot of editing and general cleaning up of the images on the PC. Any excuse to spend a few hours on Photoshop.

Originally I’d written the date on each of them, but I didn’t want this in the film, just the images. I also did some cropping in the video software, having decided there was too much white frame around the images. Decisions like these are part of the creative process, part of the fun.

The background is a photograph, a shadow-selfie, taken a few years ago. I’m glad I found a use for it.

I like it when it everything comes together.

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Richard Downes

Cool. I like the work. But i love the attitude too. I’ve probably got one piece of work remaining from the years gone by – possibly 2. I might pull em out, publish them. One of them meant something to me way back then. For me, being me, clearing stuff out works, not holding on to stuff so the attitude i like is not about holding on or not its about refuting truth and saying this is me, this is what i’ve got, this is what i can give. I love that stand and i feel a commonality with it… Read more »


I was able to read the writing which I enjoyed but couldn’t play the film


I like the idea of art emerging from the shadows – and the colours within the work balanced with the green of the grass is a clever contrast. The film also has a summery feel, light and playful. Thanks for sharing here Deborah