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And now for something completely silly and totally other than what I should be doing. / 17 December 2015

Richard Dadd Grabs and Tabs. Digital Image. 2015

Richard Dadd Grabs and Tabs. Digital Image. 2015

I went to an exhibition yesterday.

In typical form, I approached the task of writing the review back to front.

Today, due to my ostensible need to verify and justify each and every word I write, I am not writing.

I am researching; seeking, digging, poking, unearthing all manner of info, items and opinions, endlessly clicking and link after link after link.

I only ceased (paused?) site-hopping because of the of the silly festive season and the very real threat of me and my guests sitting down on Xmas day to a poached egg and packet of cheese and onion.

What would Her Majesty think? Don’t know, don’t care.

All I care about is having as many distractions as possible so I don’t have to write what I should be writing, what I honestly do want to write but can’t when there are more interesting and comforting things to do.

Thank you for reading.

Now, back to the writing. Probably.

Review to follow. Eventually.

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Alan Morrison

rich / 22 December 2015

I smile at the thought of the rutles every time I hear or read the words cheese and onions. c h e e s e a n d o n i o n s. Blimey I never how hard it was to write with spaces. Now that is a real time waster. Unlike your good self

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