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The 12 Days of Christmas My Psychiatrist Prescribed For Me


I hate Christmas. I don’t want to celebrate it as a religious festival or a consumerist tryst. But I do because the people I love do enjoy it. I find it stressful, it brings back traumatic memories, and I am in a dissociative fugue for most of it. Madness is wrapped with razor tinsel and wrapped with many extra layers of pain at Christmas. I needed to find a way to survive it, and so I have created things like a madvent calendar. But I thought I’d share a song this year: The 12 Days of Christmas My Psychiatrist Prescribed for Me’

I have the voice of an angel grinder.

Here are the words if you want to sing along:

On the 12th day of Christmas, my psychiatrist prescribed for me:
12 Fingers Drumming
11 Gripes a griping
10 Tardive Dyskensias
9 Sexual Dysfunctions
8 Moobs a Milking
7 Drowning not Swimming
6 Sedated Lay ins
5 Haemorrhoid Rings
4 Calls Not Returned
3 Diazepam
2 Increased Weight Gain
And a brutal ride back to sanity!

12 Days of Xmas

12 Days of Xmas


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Joe Turnbull

Christmas number 1 on the cards?

Richard Downes

Coincidentally, posted yesterday Seasonal Adjustments. 2 things i wrote last year in response to a DAO blogger (not you) not liking christmas. The first one is i like christmas, the second one new years eve. 2 very different tones. Really like that you recognise other people’s pleasure in it. And really like that you think and write the things you do

Marie Gills

This 12 days psychiatrist video is just good thanks for sharing.