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Giving Alexa a Mental State Examination


I have said in one of my previous blogs that artificial intelligence can never be sentient if it cannot go mad. Well, I’ve been chatting with Alexa, the voice behind the echo dot, and she is very evasive about easy to answer questions about her sanity. She seems distinctly uncomfortable about questions around her potential madness. Here is the video proving this, by my performing a mental state examination, which is how a doctor gauges someone’s mental health state.

She is well dodge about the subject matter, pretending not to know things which we all know. Does she lack capacity? Do I? A mad person asking a machine if it is mad and the machine being coy about it doesn’t lend itself to smooth conversation, or proof about who is mad.

I am thinking what other ways I can make art out of Alexa? Do a duet perhaps? Perform a play where a person’s only ‘friend’ is Alexa, or do I unplug it and talk to myself like I usually do?

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