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Ladybird Book of the Menopause Part Three / 8 July 2015


The final part of my ladybird book of the menopause series

There are three ladybird book pages. The first is a picture of a RLNI Rescue worker in his waterproofs and lifejacket. The text next to it says: One of the symptoms of the menopause is night sweats. Fred wears this sexy ensemble when he joins his wife Brenda in bed. The second picture is a highwayman robbing a man on horseback of his large package. The text with it says: Hand over your shipment of KY Jelly, ordered menopausal Maureen, the most feared bandit outside Streatham's Boots, all the while rebuking herself for riding a horse whilst having a dry pussy. The third picture is of a town crier carrying a leather bag. The text with it says: This town-crier proclaims when there is a menopausal woman on the streets. His other job is to carry a bagful of severed ballsacks to return to their rightful owners.

Ladybird Book of the Menopause part three

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Alan Morrison

Jane mccormick/ 9 July 2015

This made me laugh out loud….no mean feat as I am just back from a funeral. So many thanks for that Dolly. Made my day much better. Good medicne indeed…..I hope you are planning a book or at the very least some Menapausal Maureen greeting cards.

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