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My ‘Mindless Guides’ leaflet on ‘How to look after your bum bum for depot’

Guide on how to look after your bum bum - a red leaflet Surrounded by arseholes,

Guide on how to look after your bum bum

Surrounded by arseholes, it is good to have an arse that stands out, although some will argue, that’s half the problem.

But how better to show your recovery by looking after your bum.  Let it be so beautiful when they inject it, they feel shame at tarnishing such sexiness.

Here are my tips for looking after your bum bum in the leaflet .

  • DO SOME BUM EXERCISES (see left)
  • SOFTEN YOUR BUM BUM WITH MOISTURISING CREAM  (psych staff will feel bad about injecting such a smooth baby’s bum)
  • DRAW ON YOUR BUM: Every bum you inject is  a piece of your own death
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