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Piss Off With Your Pain, You Peasants!


I haven’t blogged in a while, lots of lifey things happening, lots of deadlines to fulfil, and a house move on the horizon. I have even had to contend with a flasher. He hasn’t been caught so I have trip advisored the place he flashed to add their new facility.  

One recent creative thing I have done is a new zine called “Piss Off With Your Pin, You Peasants’, which is a response to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, which is also the institute that brought you ‘Disabled people, please fuck off and die.’ They are considering advising doctors not to give long-term pain killers to people in pain, offering anti-depressants and CBT as useless panacea instead. If they do go down that route, I can sum up in a few lines the contents:


EVIDENCE: NICE can be a bunch of cunts

RECOMMENDATIONS: Your life is troublesome to the powers that be, so stay inconveniently alive.

What is good about this zine is that a few people have contributed to it as well. Charlie Fitz did a killer piece of art and Jennifer Brough created a poignant poem made from the NICE’s latest guidelines.

Piss Off With Your Pain ZIne, a plain white front cover with black text

Piss Off With Your Pain, You Peasants

If you would like a copy, they are £4, which includes p&p. Send £4 via Paypal to and put your address in the message part of PayPal.

The next zine I am going to do is called: Don’t Be a Dick about Disability. I don’t know whether to draw lots of dicks.

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