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My poem to Trump and Leonard Cohen


You know, because I am a bi-racial, gay, disabled woman who has survived sexual assault, you might be surprised to hear, I don’t like what has happened with Trump and America. In addition, I am an intelligent and compassionate human being. I also view bigots and people who don’t like me for the above in the same way as one of my heroes Henry Rollins, who in this video shows they are his fuel and his fun. Hatred aimed at me, for what ever reason, makes me stand taller and makes me laugh harder.

I didn’t get to that position on my own, it has been been heroes like Leonard Cohen and so many others who built this resilience, viewpoint and strength that the mental health system try to do so pitifully.

So here is my poem:

This week a monster won, a hero died
which one to dictate my line
One might, down the road, end my life
the other tells me the cracks let in the light
I’d rather sing a song and break the mould
Because I can see what darkness holds
I will stand up, I will not hide
I will let my cracks let in the light
Your hate for me will drive that light
Until you beg for your own night
Because that light will blind

Your heart will wither,

I will still shine.


Anti-trump, pro light poem

Anti-trump, pro light poem

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