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Scamp – the radical dog artist

sand of time up a dog's nose

sand of time up a dog’s nose

Hello my name is Scamp Ratticus Rose, dog and artistic collaborator of Dolly Sen. She used to have another artist dog Lux but Lux was a sculptor and I am a radical performance artist. I am only a 6 month old pup but I can see bullshit in society a mile off.

My work explores the relationship between new class identities and human ethics.

With influences as diverse as Kafka and Buckminster Fuller, new insights are manufactured from both mundane and transcendant woofy dialogues.

As momentary phenomena become frozen through boundaried practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph for the edges of their condition.

Here is some of my work. ‘The Sands of Time’ talks about the experience of putting time up your nose or arse and not actually living.

This video below is about what I think of Brexit. It’s like the biggest lamppost to piss on, that doesn’t actually have any light in it.

See you laters, humans, I am sure I will share some more work when Dolly is stuffing sand up her nose.

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