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Sex Positions for Creaky Older Lesbians – A Zine!


In my Covid Commission for Disability Arts Online, I made a film of a day in my life as an artist. 

One of my creative activities in the film was me drawing for my zine: ‘Do Not Harm Her Sutra’ – Sex Positions for Creaky Older Lesbians. The idea came about when I saw an occupational therapist for my arthritis and she gave me some booklets from the then called ‘Arthritis UK’. One booklet was on managing pain and the other had sex positions for those with arthritis. The only problem was the booklet was aimed at straight couples. I thought I would do my own, in my usual tongue in cheek way.

The result is this zine.

Zine cover image of a woman with a thought bubble: 'denture grip don't let me down now'

Zine Cover image

It is not for the faint hearted. But if you would like a copy of the zine, it’s £3.50, which includes P&P, payable via PayPal. For international customers or to order a copy, please send me an email to

It would make a nice present for your granny.



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