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Spanking Reality’s Arse for Mental Health Resistance Network


On Friday 25th November, I will be spanking normality’s arse by performing some poetry & comedy for Mental Health Resistance Network’s celebration of women survivors.

Mental Health Resistance Network say this about themselves:

‘MHRN are Mental Health Survivors resisting Tory persecution of the sick and disabled in the interests of their super rich friends.

The Mental Health Resistance Network was set up by people who live with mental distress in order to defend ourselves from the assault on us by a cruel government whose only constituents are the super rich and who value everyone else according to how much they serve the interests of this selfish minority.

I will suggest to them if I can set up a my little pony cavalry unit to ride to any protests.

And I was careful to say spanking normality’s arse and not a Tory’s as I am sure they will like it too much!


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