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Tips for Lockdown or How to Shave the Eyebrows off a Potato


I hope people are holding out ok. I live in my own head a lot of the time, which has its weird lockkdowns, and the flashes of the weird virus of the past infecting the present, but a lot of the time, it is my own beautiful, spectacular cosmos. I make a world to laugh at there. To that end, I made a video about tips to get through the lockdown, either by the practical advice I offer or using humour to fight through the strange tragedy of the time we are trying to breath through with even stranger air that surrounds us.

Here is the video:


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5 months ago

As a founder member of the Save Potatos Under Duress (SPUD) group I must object to the cavalier way in which you removed the eye brows of Pat the potato. Having given her a face and therefore raised her expectations of a life different from normal, you then removed her only real means of expression. What next I ask? Puting her in a pan of boiling water and then eating her!

5 months ago
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Colin Hambrook
Colin Hambrook
5 months ago
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Colin Hambrook
Colin Hambrook
5 months ago

Haha … very funny Dolly and many thanks for your wise humour xxx

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