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Aspie Manor! – 04/08/18


Paul Wady kindly came to pick me up from the station at 9.30 pm… 5 and a half hours after I was supposed to arrive in Edinburgh! (… turning a 6-and-a-half-hour journey into 11-and-a-half hours!!!)

I’m traumatised… I was stuck a twenty-minute walk from a station… for three hours… without air conditioning. – ANYWAY!- enough moaning I’ve arrived!!!

I’m happy to discover that the accommodation is very close to the station- Phew!!! – No chance of further delay!

The four of us (Alain English, Paul Wady, Sarah Saeed… and myself) are staying in an empty student flat supplied by the University of Edinburgh. With a room each (complete with desk for laptop 😊) and a little kitchen – perfectly liveable. (Much more civilised than my last Fringe experiences where I stayed in a 28-bed hostel, where the light was left on all night long!!!)

Alain is joining tomorrow, he’s getting a coach up before the show (fingers crossed he arrives on time!!!) I’ve collapsed in the kitchen, Paul invites me to a show: Bondage for Beginners. He explains that he had met the performer at a previous fringe and they were now friends.

I have to see Bondage for Beginners!!!  I hurriedly strip off my sweat soaked clothes (Because of the hot train… not a sweating problem) apply make-up and slip into a dress. (Though I wasn’t sure of the correct dress etiquette for a bondage night!)

We arrive at the Venue at 19 Blare Street, The Laughing Horse (which I was later to find out was the name of eight venues!… why name them all the same thing?), and head-downstairs – It’s packed out the door! – a disappointed couple on their way back up the stairs say,

“No use! You canna squeeze in down there!”

A Stealth Aspies selfieWe head back to Aspie manor – vowing to return early the next day!… Exhausted I fell asleep on the unmade/un-sheeted bed…. with the light on.

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