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Edinburgh Fringe – So, so, so many performances!!! (Death by Drama!) – 07/08/16


I’ve seen so many performances now… that I’m just going to give a summary of the best… and, the worst!!!! (The good, the bad, and the ugly!) The ‘leafleters’ were trying more and more bizarre things to get peoples attention… including pretending to be dead…

photo of Edinburgh Fringe performer lying on the pavement

Alain (fellow Stealth Aspie!) invited me to one of his friend’s poetry performances…. It wasn’t really my cup of tea.. in fact, judging by it just being me and Alain, and a man doing tech in the audience… it wasn’t anyone’s cup of tea.  For an hour and a half, a man wearing a black T-shirt reading ‘Revolution’, sung own poems which envisioned the experiences of child warriors and abused women’s pain…


TIME FOR SOME COMEDY!!! – Now this show I recommend – Absurdly Asian:

Jinx Yeo had won the fringe 2018 award for comedy– so I hoped he would be good. He’s from Singapore, and his show didn’t just make jibes at Asian stereotypes, but it also made fun of the type of people who laugh at Asian stereotypes.

I left the show full of hope for the fringe to come, and managed to squeeze in another show that evening…

A drag performance!!!! – I’d seen small drag shows in Brighton… but it was time to see something big!

Iconic – A brief history of drag.

Going by the stage name Velma Celli, a mismatched fashion masterpiece walked onto the stage;. Velma wore a traditional 1920s flapper dress, however sported a huge pink punk Mohican.

Accompanied by backing singers and violinists she explained how she had started off as a dancer in various West End Musicals before going into drag; bursting into iconic songs by Cher, Queen and RuPaul throughout the performance – she refused people the chance to look away!

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