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Headshot of two female performers

Hung over!!! – But woke up early to write this diary/blog!!! – Mind a bit ‘glunky’ – planning to watch a variety of things. But so far only booked for one; a feminist production called, ‘Norris and ParkerK Burn the Witch’ – Debauched Late-night sketch comedy for lovers of the strange, the sordid, the musical and the dark.

But that’s not until 10.45 this evening…. What to do before then? – There is a theatre where the venue is a double decker bus?? – I would quite like to check that out. – There is so much to pick from, it is overwhelming! (and the leafleteers are trying more and more bizarre things to get people’s attention!)

I ended up seeing a show called The Disney complex… which though it sold itself as a ‘chick-flick comedy’ about how one girl’s unrealistic expectations of love were compared to reality… was actually a story about the actor’s true story of sexual abuse by her step-father….

Though deeply moving/disturbing… I felt tricked! There were no ‘trigger warnings!’ – I soon found that a lot of fringe acts mis-advertised their performances as comedy to get a bigger audience!!!

However, later this day I was to watch one of the best performances I had seen so far, ‘Le Flop’ – a mixture of two theatre companies, Hijinx and Spy Monkey.

It’s premise? – in the 1600s in France they had a law that made it illegal for a man to be impotent … his wife could sue him AND the only way he could prove himself to be virile? – trial by combat (Two court officials watching him have sex with his wife)

– This farcical piece followed the story of the last man who was humiliated, before the French king overturned the law. Completely hilarious!!!

“an anarchic, slightly rude, hilarious slice of stupidity with live music and unfeasibly large wigs.”

I finished off the day with an ‘Adult Bubble Show’ …. Deeply disturbing…. And yet fascinating. (involving bubble penis sculpture… bubble butt sculptures, bubble lap dances, bubble oral…. And some very disturbing dancing in what I think was Native American costumes… unforgettable…

That evening I was to meet another friend from Sheffield…. Sez Thomasin. Who is also Autistic, but when I lived in Sheffield,  I had never had the courage to tell her! She was doing a show (on at the same time as mine sadly) called: ‘This is Awkward’ – a comical rendition of her life and Autism. We met up for a drink in a traditional bar playing fiddle with Scottish dancing… and I was soon to find out that quite a few of my friends from Sheffield were Autistic!!! I had never known… because I had never asked/brought up mine!!! It was lovely to know that I had been surrounded by theatrical, poetical autistic individuals like myself… even if I had not the foggiest clue when living there!!!

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