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Joining the Stealth Aspies – 28/06/17


Flyer for the performance group Stealth Aspies

Neurodivergence, Acting and Activism! For a week this blog will detail my experiences joining The Stealth Aspies (All Asperger’s Theater group) and then proceed to detail my adventures performing at  Edinburgh Fringe…

I opened FB Messenger and found a message from Sarah Saeed. I’d befriended her at a show she was in: Stealth Aspies, a theatre group comprising solely of Asperger’s performers. I’d been reviewing it for Disability Arts Online at Brighton Fringe.

I introduced myself afterwards, and, despite being very tired, and them all being exhausted, it would seem I’d made an impression! – I hadn’t irritated them after all! – or maybe they were just desperate for another person?

Yes!!!- I’d love to. Wait… No actually, maybe not?… The opportunity put me in a state of distress!!! I’d always, ALWAYS wanted to be in a show for the Edinburgh fringe festival ever since visiting when I was seventeen.

After all, wasn’t that why I did a degree in Theatre and Creative Writing!!?? But I am moving to Thailand in two weeks! – TWO WEEKS! I was already overwhelmed…. And, I’d only really started telling a few people about having spectrum characteristics – was I ready to actually perform about it??!!

I asked for a week to mull it over…

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