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Last Day at the Fringe!!! – 11/08/18


I decided to stay one more day… because I had been told that Jess Thoms was going to be in the audience (founder of Tourette’s Hero… whom I have previously written an article; BBC Two’s Documentary ‘Me, My Mouth and I’: Biscuits! Fuck a Goat! Hedgehog!

However… I woke up in the morning feeling rotten. This is because I had met a group of Hungarian Chefs (Who now lived in Aberdeen)… and we had danced until 6.00am in the morning at an exquisitely medievally decorated drum and bass venue . At one point I lost my shoe, I was jigging so hard!!!

Anyway… I managed to detach myself from the bed, throw myself into the shower and get to the last performance… NO JESS!!! (We were later to find out that someone else from the charity had attended and seen our performance).  I was disappointed. I had really wanted to see her…

However… the room was jam-packed!!! ( as opposed to the week days when 10-15 people had attended… today there was 42!!! )

The adrenaline counteracted my hangover! – I was far more nervous in front of this large crowd.. but it was great!  – The first piece of the show (which I wrote) – ‘20 Symptoms of Neurotypical Individuals’ (which was intended to satirically show the damaging effects of people taking diagnoses too literally) – got more laughs than it had all week!

Everyone in the show was Buzzing… Shaking and Buzzing.

The monologues (written by people from different autistic backgrounds) had people from the audience shouting out with empathy!

I zapped through my poems… and we had £23 pound each from the bucket!!! (much more than we’d had all week!)

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