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Puppet Death and my end thoughts to performing with Stealth Aspies…. 11/08/18


Now… I don’t know whether I enjoyed it or not… but the Famous Puppet Death Scenes show needs a mention.

It was one hour thirty of different famous puppet death scenes from various performances over the last 200 years! (all around three minutes long)  – including a children’s game show where two telly-tubby-like creatures get brutally murdered, a man that gets battered to death with a hammer, a man who has his arms and legs blown off by the wind, a man who dresses up like a deer and gets shot by a hunter…. they go on and on….

Unfortunately, half way through the show I convinced myself I had lost my wallet, and burst a packet of Sweet Chilli Sauce in my bag. ☹ … probably would have enjoyed the show much more if this hadn’t happened!

Now time for: ‘Burn The Witch’. I was seeing it with a friend I had made from being in the show Stealth Aspies… I was worried the show might be too weird for them….

A woman who thinks her husband is cheating on her, joined by a sex crazed college student try to find a cult of Sex Witches on a hill. Followed by two female documentarians, it involved interpretive dance…. WAS AMAZING….. a must see! Couldn’t decide whether it was pro or anti-feminist… I think it was ironic, but it was definitely funny!

Now time for me to describe probably the worst show I have ever seen: A stage hypnotist…. Who told us that he was doing his last show before quitting and becoming a primary school teacher which he told us at the end!!!

I’m going to make the description brief… so not to bore you too much: Hardly anyone got hypnotised… the people that did were probably faking… 40% of the audience left… and the biggest laugh was at:

Emma Robdale on stage performing

“Nod your head if you can hear me…” (no-one nodded – the audience was in hysterics)

That night all of the other Stealth Aspies came back to the apartment to say goodbye. And me, Sarah and her partner talked late into the night (Consuming three bottles of wine, and numerous crackers with cheese)…

It was nice to have a last night gathering with the Stealth Aspies.

Though the performances had made me feel deeply self-conscious, I think in the long run it had ‘ripped the plaster off’ – though I am still quite ambivalent to whether I want people to know about my own diagnosis – I no longer see the prospect as ‘terrifying’ or ‘disgusting’.

I have grown a thicker skin around the word ‘Asperger’s’, I got to know other ‘Aspie’ individuals whom I admired and related to.

I think for now I will go back to being a quiet Asperger’s individual… but with the knowledge that wider perceptions are changing, and that there is a group of intelligent creative people that I feel solidarity with.

(Also, I’ve learnt that next time I go to the fringe… I’ll choose what I want to see before going!!! – Mixed with the magic and brilliance there are also a lot of un-polished/terrible shows!!!)

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