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THE BAD MORNING – 06/08/18


Clothes and other mess strewn on the floor

… I was feeling a bit more comfortable now; I’d sorted my stuff. I’d recovered from my train journey. I knew the area…. Or so I thought.

A fire alarm went off in my apartment. It was about an hour before our performance. I know usual procedure is to get out… but what if I can’t get my stuff before the show?

My room is on the ground floor… I can always just step out the window if it starts getting hot. So… I spend the next fifteen minutes making sure I was ready… got all my stuff, my script, my costume, then ambled out. (I’m pretty sure it was just toast).

I had thirty minutes, a bit early to head to the venue, so I was going to go for a frozen yoghurt for breakfast, just around the corner. My lesson of the day: Nothing is ever just around the corner!!!

I walked to where I’d envisioned it… and to my vast disappointment, it wasn’t there – I Google mapped it – much further away than I thought! I had to head back without a frozen beverage.

…Though I was following the little blue dot precisely on Google maps… something had gone wrong. I was supposed to be right next to the venue… However, I was on a bridge far above it!!!

I paid a homeless man to give me directions on how to get down… he said:

“I never even knew this was a bridge!”

SHIT… I strode in a downhill direction. 10 minutes until showtime!!!!

A large man stood on a loose pavement tile, and it was wallowing in a little pool of yellowish water. He took a step, causing the tile to ‘seesaw’ and splatter the liquid down my foot and leg.

Great!!! I’ve not had breakfast, I’m running late… and now I’ve got what is probably someone’s piss from the night before on my foot. Why did I wear sandals?

On the bright side… I had anger walked straight to the venue!!! Eureka.

I headed straight for the bathroom – sudding up foot with hand soap from the dispenser!!!

Feeling much better now clean!!! I rush to the stage…

The rest of troupe annoyed!!! (though I still make it five minutes early) – OCD RISING, RISING, RISING!!!

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