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The Day Before the Train (procrastination day!) – 03/08/18


untidy bedroom floor

Shit. I’m going tomorrow, and I haven’t even edited the Laura monologue I’m reading (which I was supposed to do to make it more suitable for reading aloud!). I haven’t looked at any of the material since rehearsal.

I’d gone into a state of denial; I wasn’t nervous about the show, because I’d almost forgotten I was in it! I had a lot of other things going on too: I’d handed in my notice to my flat and my notice in to my job, as at the end of the month I was leaving for Thailand.

EVERYTHING WAS CHANGING, and I’d Ostriched – dug my head in the sand until the last moment.

AND…. To make matters worse I was going to do it again! – Despite having the whole day to sort everything…I went out paddle-boarding with a friend. But a kind of dread was building inside of me. I need to pack. I need to sort out what I’m reading… I need to print it!!!

I got home at six… PLENTY OF TIME. Plenty of time…. if I had not chosen to ring a friend for two hours… follow that with a REALLY long bath…. OH DEAR. It is 12.30… I have not packed. I have not sorted my material… I haven’t even had dinner. (And the takeaways are now closed!!!)

I stole two of my roommate’s eggs and boiled them with Teriyaki sauce… it was disgusting. (I’d been so busy lately that I’d neglected to buy food!). I let a few slippery noodles snake into my belly, sat down on my computer and worked on the script until 1.30…

MIND FRAZZLED. I’d have to pack in the morning…

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