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The Extra Long Train – 04/08/18


Emma Robdale self-portraitI NEED TO PACK. Today I am leaving. TODAY. It takes six and a half hours to get to Edinburgh.

First things first… print off the material for the show you finished last night! – can’t perform without a script!… well I could, but it wouldn’t be ideal – I worry about looking like an idiot with stuff to say… never mind without stuff to say!

Why isn’t it printing? – Oh. – I forgot to connect it to the laptop.

Why is it still not printing?!!

I turn everything off, then on again in a frantic hope that electrical equipment will forget momently that it hates me.

IT WORKED! – phew. One thing down.

Time for clothes- I’ll just put seven tops in my suitcase….

TOO many clothes! – can’t even close the suitcase.- Why did I put so much in?? – be minimal!!!

I’m sweating. Need shower. – Final sweep of house. – Check the door is locked (three times.)

AT STATION… ON TRAIN!!!!! – Announcement… ‘We are sorry to tell you that carriage A, and B’s air conditioning is broken’.

IN A HEATWAVE!!! – Seriously? – Not what I wanted to here after skipping breakfast (because I didn’t fancy last-night’s cold egg noodle) While changing trains I make no attempt to go around people in my way. Bumping many with my flowered purple travel suitcase.

What to do for seven hours?… Oh… I could work on the diary!

… All was going well…. Until THE FUCKING TRAIN BROKE DOWN.. and will have to be dragged backwards along the track… by a vehicle which will take hours to come! I feel like a slime Jelly.

I’m dehydrated, frustrated and not feeling at all liberated!!! … I’m going to be getting into Edinburgh very late.

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Sounds typical for rail travel nowadays. Sounds a terrible journey.