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Actor/Dancer’s Francis and Delson share memories of ‘It’s my move’

Delson and Francis

Delson and Francis best mates on and off stage

Francis Majekodunmi and Delson Weekes are co-directors of Blink Dance Theatre. They were involved with ‘It’s my move’ since the very beginning research and development, leading on the choreography with other Blink Directors Kat Gill and Vicki Hawkins. Face Front have really appreciated all our partners including Julie McNamara and Vital Xposure who helped to write the piece, Declan Leslie from Action Space who did the design and Aldean Blair from Heart n Soul who wrote and recorded the music.

The following blog shares some of the comments and feed-back from the wonderful Francis and Delson who were both incredibly creative, supportive,hardworking and so much fun on tour.

Francis said:
My favourite acting part is when we are on the bus Declan designed, and I do the rap I made up about moving on.
‘The world is yours
It’s your move
Check the action
Watch the groove’

Actors on the bus

On the ‘moving on’ bus

I also liked being the ‘college door’ with Delson, we had to let students through when they press the right button, but ‘Warren’ could not work it out, so we did not let him through. The audiences loved that bit. We were also a vending machine in the college, that got stuck, that was very funny. We had to change in and out of our costumes very quickly to do all these different parts.

I liked getting ready and helping each other backstage.
I enjoyed doing my solo dance and I got a big cheer.

I have become a better team member and my voice has got better, louder with more projection, plus my acting is brilliant!
I am good at Makaton, but I would still like to learn more.
The hardest part is not yawning on stage when you are tired and always staying positive.
I like it when we do secret santa as a team and we share food together, my favourite food was the apple pie.
I liked performing at Ellen’s college and Robin’s old school best.

Delson said:
I really enjoyed the tour and worked well with everyone.
My favourite part of the tour was dancing and stage management.
I love bringing all the props and set in and taking it out to the van at the end of the show.
I learnt to be a better team member and be more professional.
I did miss my Blink co-directors Vikki and Kat this year, but I do like the 2019 Face Front team.
Sometimes I feel a bit left out when everyone is talking and I don’t have my ipad. (Communication aid)
I prefer performing in theatres to schools, I like the lights. I did like Swiss Cottage school because the audience joined in very well and were loud!, It was good when the young people help my character ‘Finlay’ to communicate that he wants to work as a mechanic with cars. I also love cars especially luxury and racing cars.
I really want to be in ‘It’s my move’ again next year.

Actors by their tour van

Finished packing the van!

Delson as Finlay on his garage apprenticeship.

And Face Front would love to have Delson and Francis back for ‘Its my move’ 2020 where we will be touring to more theatres, schools and colleges thanks to a grant from the Arts Council. In the meantime they are both excited about working towards a new tour with their company Blink Dance Theatre called ‘Girl meets boy’ in Spring 2020 so watch out for that – we cant wait to see it!

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