I’m writing this blog during my residency in Canada, recent opportunities have enabled me to explore my practice internationally. Last year I came to St Andrews New Brunswick as a KIRA resident artist at Kingsbrae garden and discovered Sunbury Shores studio. This year I’m at Sunbury Shores for five weeks, thanks to funding from Arts Council England and the Emergence bursary programme.

I was originally going to write this blog when I returned home but my work is changing whilst I’m here so I thought I would write about it whilst I’m experiencing it.

Fragility – work in progress
I came to St Andrews hoping this beautiful environment would inspire new work and take it in unexpected directions through experimentation with process, material and subject matter. Being at Sunbury Shores has enabled me to return to etching and test out new ideas.

Whilst exploring New Brunswick I have found unexpected inspiration in the geometric shapes in the structures, including the wooden bridges and the wharf. I found myself standing on derelict stone bridges, once so imposing and built to last, but are now crumbling before my eyes.

Previous work has been about the fragility of my condition and the inner strength that I have because of it. My new body of work continues on the theme of strength and fragility, but from a different perspective, exploring these large constructions intended and perceived as strong, but on closer inspection are actually incredibly fragile. These provide a wonderful metaphor for cultural bridges (and their fragility) and the impermanence and ever-changing nature of our environment.

I feel this body of work is only in the early stages and I have so many ideas I want to explore around this topic.


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