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Introducing my practice…

black and white photo of a woman at printing machine

Printmaking in Canada 2018. Image © Fae Kilburn

I’ve had a passion for printmaking since I was a teenager, when I was introduced to the haunting but beautiful work of artists like Kathe Kollwitz and Otto Dix. Like many printmakers it’s the tactile nature of printmaking that I love and I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate texture into my practice.

As part of the development of my practice through the Emergence project I want to use more colour and larger scale in my work? I spent years creating monochrome images. As a partially sighted artist I was drawn to the strong contrast these images created.

The physical limitations of my other disabilities often dictates the size of my work but during a residency at KIRA in Canada last year, my health improved temporarily. I had the freedom to change the scale of my work and being surrounded by rich colour inspired a new colour pallet.

The quiet nurturing environment suited me, my work became about the environment I was in and changed from mainly portrait-based to landscape.

I intend to go back to Canada in June this year to do a residency at Sunbury Shores with my Emergence Bursary. I’m hoping this quiet location has the same impact on me and that my art continues to develop. The colour and size of my work will not only represent the imposing Canadian landscape but the sense of freedom and excitement I feel there.

Recycling has become part of my practice, I feel it’s important I find more environmentally friendly ways of creating art. When I’m in Canada I want to incorporate the natural environment into my work and also the man-made products that are washed ashore, to demonstrate the pollution caused by humans, as a way of increasing awareness.

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