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Looking Back


With the help of funding from Arts Council England I’ve been in Liverpool researching my families connections to this city and their long history as printmakers, which I only found out about long after I fell in love with printmaking. I guess you could say it’s in the genes.

Kilburn printers was in three locations, Scotland Rd, Shaw St and Victoria St. The only building that survives today is on Victoria St.


Scotland Rd has long since been re-developed and the Printmaker’s on Shaw St burnt down in the 70’s along with all my family history. Although there was not much left of the building on Shaw St, I felt connected to the ruins from the stories I’ve been told about my family working in the building. So I’ve taken plenty of photographs to work from.

I wonder what my grandfather would think of me being a printmaker, carrying on the family tradition, I think I’m the 5th generation of printmakers.
I’ve often wished I had my grandfather’s tools to create my art with, imagine that.

Once I completed my research I went to the Bluecoat studio in Liverpool to create my work. I felt it was important that I create as much of this body of work in Liverpool as I could, increasing the connection to Liverpool.

I have always been drawn to create work about my family, even though many of them died long before I was born, something about them intrigues me.

And strangers seem just as intrigued by my mysterious portraits, of people they say they feel they know.

Alongside the portraits I want to create prints inspired by the buildings connected to my family.

When this body of work is complete I would like to exhibit it in Liverpool. If anyone has any good suggestions please leave a comment. I feel this city is the perfect place to exhibit this body of work, it is about Liverpool’s buildings, the people who lived and worked in them and times gone by.

I would also like to thank the kind strangers who went out of their way to help me in Liverpool at Allerton cemetery and St Anthony’s Church

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