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A purple surprise


After getting an email from Disability Arts Online’s Editor Colin about Jon Adams DAO project which will result in a ‘testament created from our solitude’, I didn’t hesitate, or dither.

It wasn’t difficult deciding on a subject. I took a photo of the rings I had taken off at the start of lockdown. They look fascinating in the fluted glass vase, a beautiful apology for not wearing them. Each one represents the people and occasions that have meant so very much to me.

I was to tweet my picture, hash-tagged and @disabilityarts. I would get the results back in my twitter stream for all to see.

I’m not sure what kind of a result I was expecting, but two things took me completely by surprise. The first was the purple bloom at the centre of the image. It took my breath away.

The only purple I have ever owned was the Mexican silver ring my parents gave me on my coming of age. It had a large and beautiful facetted Amethyst in a gorgeous flower setting. I lost it in the house fire that disrupted my life in 2018.

I really miss my ring. Looking at Jon’s image it felt curiously as if the remaining rings somehow retained some kind of memory of it. I felt very emotional, as if I had been given a precious gift.

I still feel happy and grateful for the image, but after the initial shock, have begun to realise the experience means even more than that initial reaction. I actually feel connected back into something better. A world I was totally loosing track of in the current hostile political circumstances – my view out, seen through the media window into my solitude – was focused on isolation and loss. It drained me of hope.

Being part, even a tiny part, of a bigger project changes everything.

Thank you Jon, for the image! And thank you DAO for including me in the project – I look forward to seeing the results.

If you would like to take part in Jon Adams’ Metaordinary Project, simply tweet a photograph which represents self-isolation to @disabilityarts including the hashtag #metaordinary, and a description of the image. Jon will tweet you his transformation of it back to you and it will be included in a final digital gallery on Disability Arts Online.

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