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Digital artwork featuring 4 bubbles with a leaf inside, inside that is a paper cut out of a dancerI’ve long suspected that I live in a yoyocracy. A place where the people governing/pretending they know what they’re doing, recycle their directives so that the up/down, back/forth juggling movement gives an approximation of an attempt at progress – which may, or may not, be synonymous with improvement.

They change up the terminology, but the ideas remain more or less the same.

No one seems to notice. Much short term yoyoing uses up a lot of taxpayer money, ie siphons it off into private pockets. Compared to the longer-term stuff it’s relatively harmless – if you’re just looking at the bigger picture.
If you’re looking at lives – at the actual people being harmed – well that’s another story…

Now there are bubbles to distract those who have someone to bubble with, but for those of us with loved ones spread internationally…
Being in isolation potentially gives people more time to ponder these things – and some of us do.

Get inside a bubble
A South Seas bubble
or Tulip Mania bubble.
History repeats
Gold Spikes.
Bursting bubbles
“Extraordinary Popular Delusions and
the Madness of Crowds” to quote
Charles Mackay.
Get out there and create
Smoke and mirrors
Decoy bubbles.
Bubbles? All soap to me, ducks
wash your hands, wash your mouth
bubbles bounce like bad cheques
bubbles burst,
ephemeral as rainbows
transitory metaphors
for unicorn
you wash your hands right
you might
catch one…
hug to decontaminate,
the bubble concept to
distract from The Freudian Slip:
Buy, buy,
bye, bye.
bursting, bubbles.
Busted bubbles.

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