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Missing myself


A derelict home in a mountain village, with a cat staring at the front doorI miss the conversations – the basis for my artwork – the inspiration for drawing and for visualising the words in 3D sculpture.
I miss the creative challenge of engaging with complete strangers for their opinions on exhibitions, performances and the value of art.
I miss being that me.

In this silence, I want to ask what you miss about yourself.
Are you engaging with another side of being you?
And have you thought about what you really need to be you? About what is enough to be recognisable to yourself?
Are you falling back on tried and tested strategies or must you evolve new ones?
Are you coping with the altering climate?
Are you maximising your capacity to live in harmony with our shared world?

I miss the conversations with a longing that feels a bit like homesickness.
I miss the connection. And I miss the fruits of the engagement.
Tell me about being home…

I need to ask. How long can the earth
cling to its orbit, its surface distorted, deformed?
How long will life cling to its surface, now the seasons
are gone and all living things become refugees
unable to migrate, unable to create or be, home?
Everyone needs, has a right to, a home…
What do you need to be home? Who do you need
to be home? People? Animals? Plants?
Things? How many shoes? How many bags
do you need to define you? How many roofs to provide
your shelter? How many rooms? What do you need?
What do you need to be home? Is enough, enough?
What do we need? What can we share?
Are you asking the questions?
Or is it already too late?

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