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Time to redefine ‘reality’ tv?


Black text shaped to resemble the profile of a person's head. The text reads life is simple, open yur mind, arms and heart to new things and peopleThe one thing I’ve really enjoyed about lockdown is the visibility of ‘ordinary’ people engaged in normal creativity, on the tv screens that have become such an integral part of our homes. By normal I mean the things we, potentially, all do – the arts and crafts, the music, the poetry, the gardens, of people previously designated audience only.

Some of these gems we only got to see thanks to the presenters’ partners/spouses who were suddenly behind the camera showing off technical skills. I’m not knocking the shiny polished perfection we had become used to. It certainly has its place. I am making a plea for this less rigid, less formal and much more relatable side of television to be retained. It’s so affirming to be reminded of how creative people can be and of how much potential there is in each one of us.

As we turn towards the future, I notice my tv schedule fulling up with killings, cookery and nostalgia. A lot of old reruns. Not much to relate to. Hours of mindless entertainment – have we run out of steam already? Or do we have a wealth of untapped relatable, accessible creativity just waiting to appear on our screens? While we’re still figuring out what to do about theatres, concerts, and all the wonderful live performances, let’s not neglect the potential diversity of tv – the sharing of hope, courage and affirmation in our real lives.

words come tumbling. Tangled up
in their own relationships.
Words come with companions.
links and associations.

Words come in multiple shapes,
with and without rules and norms.
Scanning and not, musical
oceans, raging rivers, and
dry tortured beds erupting
in pain. Words hesitate on
tongue-tips, scatter in fickle
frivolity, and in the
dark dread of forgetfulness.

Words are for sharing,
for evolution
and humanity.
Words are for diversity.
Creative words are for life.

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