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Hello from me, Glen


Hello and welcome to my first blog ever!

I have received Arts Council England funding to have mentoring and professional development in order to be able to access the art world as a Deaf artist, which I currently find very difficult. I need BSL (British Sign Language) interpretation for everything that I do. I am working alongside Jennifer Gilbert and will be posting regularly on here and on my new social media channels about my new skills and learning. I will also make a new series of work and exhibit this in an accessible way in Manchester next year – watch this space!

The video below is me saying “Hello. My name is Glen. I am a Deaf artist. Today I have been setting up my new social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.” I did the training with Alex from Altrincham HQ and received a certificate afterwards. I will do a separate blog post about what I learnt from this training and how other Deaf artists might find using social media useful.

Please follow my accounts:

Facebook: @glenpalinart

Instagram: @glenpalinart

Twitter: @glenpalinart

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5 months ago

Hi Glen – do you know that you can reach a significant number of artists via our FB group where a lot of visual arts gets posted for comment

Glen Palin
Glen Palin
5 months ago
Reply to  Colinetto

Sorry not reply and thank you for gave me information about this.

Tony Heaton
Tony Heaton
5 months ago

enjoy the process Glen, good luck!

Glen Palin
Glen Palin
5 months ago
Reply to  Tony Heaton

Thank you Tony

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