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different battle, same war 01


different battle, same war. 2020 – 2022 c.e.

rants have long been (dis)honourable art. as artistic associate of dao 2020 c.e. – 2022 c.e. weve decided to record 20 ov ’em, likely monthly, and hopefully at the end in a pamphlet. we pick something current and then apply current to weave connections wider than ‘the’ narrative likes.

way back we recorded a bunch late at night in the room of our hostel when everything else had died down for the night. these became red voice – various forms (live / c.d. / print) culminating in experimental radio for radiophrenia / partner stations (below)

more recently others encouraged us to keep talking to ourselves instead ov locking us up – so yeah we’ll be make a series late at night from our council-flat just over hadrians wall on tyneside, offering creative resistances, practicing oppositional defiance disorder (aka asking awkward questions) and rewriting ‘the’ future). borrowing from russell hoban – we may not be deep but we are wide – heres some width


welcome to different battle same war. we’re one of the new artistic associates of DAO, Disability Arts Online. known them for years and delighted to be invited to join this mothership. different battle same war. probably 20 conversations, us talking to ourself in a tyneside council flat late at night, can’t sleep, making a collection of talkings. weaving together some stuff that won’t let us sleep.

we’re going to try and do one a month, the next 20 months. different battle same war saying this to a lot of folks for a lot of years. some folks smile in recognition. some of them have fled – well, civil war isn’t the right word is it? the troubles, a bit more than trouble.  language matters. Andrew Vachss think we only ever got to steal one of his books, but he has saved our life many times. he said ‘anybody who has served in combat in any way understands that words are weapons, and i’m in a war, the war hasn’t stopped.’  or ‘the cultural software is being recoded. watch your language. the words we use actually shape the perception of the matters we discuss in both conscious and unconscious ways.’

war was declared against us long time ago.  rules of war. number 1 in any war, some people make a killing.  2. psy-ops, psychological operations.  those words, the damage they do in yr head, the fear, the threat, the lies. only number 3, is the pile of bodies – and they are piling up.  under covid, we were divided into herd or expendable – we’re one of the expendables.  drowning street, dave cameron, and magic money. you see, slaver-dave, dave cameron comes from old money. way back, his government paid his family compensation because of that, you know, ‘property’ – slaves that were freed.  compensation by the british government is paid to families like david cameron’s which allows him, what, 170-80 years later, you do the maths or if like current prime minister johnson, you’re an american, you do the math. point is brit government paid future prime minister slaver-dave compensation that allows him to get to eton which then allows him to get erected in 2010.  he stands in drowning street tells us we’re all in it together. he’s one of the cheaper ones but he does have seven and a half million pounds worth of property. he leaves office in 2015, one of his final pieces of legislation him and viscount osborne who failed o-level maths, so we’ve been told, and was thus handed the country’s money. slaver-dave, viscount george, one of their final pieces of legislation, check this out, was banning face-sitting.  not facebook, they banned face-sitting. that’s the level the govern-mentals operate at.

slaver-dave gets erected on magic money. he leaves power, he acquires another house and two delightful shepherds huts, his property worth over £10 million.  we’re not all in it together.  and this is magic money, isn’t it?  that magic money? thats thanks to a previous tony blair.  earl grey. here in newcastle earl grey stands on a mighty sticky-uppy stone-thingy.  world war two his head got blown off, not by the germans, but by lightning.  fake heads up there. genuine seagull sitting on top of that and in what in art terms is called mark making there’ splatter on earl grey. earl grey was most famous for inventing teabagging.  he was also a murderer.  he murdered an innocent man during the Merthyr riots (Merthyr Rising of 1831.) even the rupert murdoch’s of the day only wanted the guilty people transporting to australia for life. earl grey inventor of teabagging went further. he had an entirely innocent man, Dic Penderyn framed and executed. he also was part of the government that did abolish slavery in the empire – still exists but the official abolition took place.  and he was the one that did a saint tony.  an early version of p.f.i. (private finance initiative).  he handed over the magic money to the slavers like slaver-dave cameron, so that they could get erected 180 years later. fact. that’s how magic money works.

current prime minister alexander boris de pfeffel johnson. johnson is yank slang for penis and this alexander boris de peffel is – he’s american, born there, formative years there, that’s where he came up with the idea of becoming world king one day.  but because his money wasn’t old money, you know, either compensation for running slaves or possibly selling your daughter to the king or throwing your wife in a puddle so that the king could walk over her.  he came over as an economic migrant with daddy racist, very insecure, went to eton, strapped boris on – its beige drag. by and large, straight people should avoid drag. alexander boris de pfeffel johnson strapped on this upper class twit to evade scrutiny. press complicit in it. rockstar first name terms means he doesn’t get questioned.

the government has as many magic money forests, trees, orchards, swamps, uh person groves, they’ve got as much as they need.  the debt to the slavers wasn’t even paid off until after david cameron left for the folk festival and hen parties circuit.  magic money, that’s how drowning street rolls. as RTJ (Run the Jewels) rap: “lie, cheat, steal, kill win, win. Everybody’s doing it, lie, cheat, steal, kill, win, win. Everybody doing it lie, cheat, steal kill, win, win.” Killer Mike of Run the Jewels also says don’t burn your houses, do punch ballot boxes and white folks, listen to at least an hour of Jane Elliott.  and maybe it’s listen to Audre Lorde too. masters tools will never dismantle the master’s house

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