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is hearing the voice durhams uncritical promoting ov eugenicist awarded medal by göring cooool?

Image of a head with several rooms in which tortuous acts are visualised as a metaphor for everything we're not allowed to say about our oppression by the powers that be

Mad Bonce drawing. Image © Colin Hambrook

godwins laws some internet-saying as discussion grows anything will end compared to hitler but hearing the voice durham do include writings ov eugenicist given medal by göring in their current exhibition / online & completely without context & so am questioning this

facts matter despite what were increasingly told:
exhibition – hearing voices: suffering, inspiration, and the everyday to 26 feb. website for exhibition –
website for

exhibition includes old fashioned telephone on which yu can dial up nine options. option threes two minutes ov charles lindbergh – ‘the spirit ov st louis.’ ov seven named authors on this phone – six are white british or american men, one is a white british woman. two anonymous female voices with lived experience are also included. beside phone are four books – one is lindberghs the spirit ov st louis. audio clip also available (accessed most recently 25/1/17) https://soundcloud.com/hearing-the-voice/the-spirit-of-st-louis-charles-lindbergh

details can illustrate a wider problem. pale voices, predominantly male voices & yes in a canon when canons over, this is 2.0, welcome to bandwidth. many us with unusual experiences have been institutionalised, labelled, categorised – overall no cool & maybes shouldnt but am gonna  pigeon-hole yu’s hearing the voice durham a little. yr academics mainly (another institution wielding great power), stuffed with resource (how many millions cash yu so comfortably working yr way thru?),am labelling yu’s as paid well to think – so think!

charles lindbergh wz many things – including being eugenicist awarded a medal (for flying no writing) by the nazis. in unthink hearing the voice durham perhaps yu didnt ken those nazis werent merely engaged in (yr word) discourse around eugenics : aktion t4 murdered tens ov thousands  folk like us.  ok aktion t4 wz only one pile ov bodies within the unimaginable brutality ov that overall genocide – & yu are stuffed with resource, paid to think, yet seem incapable

eugenicists yrselves? (i suspect no) if so own it proudly – we will come demolish. yu could use lindbergh as provocation.  heres two minutes ov literally fluffy-cloud-thought then sock us – by the way he wanted us sterilised, put down, never born & while his privilege was thinking / writing his chums via aktion t4 actually followed thru.  pigeon-holing again did yr corporate unthink merely see dainty wordplay while ignoring stench ov those corpses. context yeah? yu are paid to think so think

as hearing the voice durham yu say
– ‘the exhibition will explore the complexity and diversity ov the experience and interpretation ov voice-hearing.’
– ‘extend their research into a number ov new and exciting areas.’
– ‘aimed at improving public understanding ov voice-hearing and dispelling some ov the myths and misconceptions that surround this experience.’
– ‘developing innovative ways ov improving therapeutic practice’
(yu seem to have dropped that stigma-thing previously advertised & find no mention ov yu’s being ‘our’ allies any longer). is eugenics improved therapeutic practice? does eugenics dispel misconceptions? an exciting area to extend yr researches into? guess eugenics could be labelled as part ov the diversity ov this experience – but where are voices from those eugenicised? oh yeah

easiest hearing the voice durham would be for yu’s to quietly delete that soundcloud posting (fortunately politicos embarrassing tweets do resurface), sneak into exhibition (last time wz in for an hour and no-one else entered so pretty excluding yeah?) and sneak out ‘that’ book, paint out the eugenics option and number three on phone then jet off for international conference. the easy option – rather yu didnt.  yu are massively resourced – institution wielding huge power – how many us folks with ‘unusual experiences’ access a fraction yr resource? be publicly accountable for yr collective actions. explain to all how yu arrived at this unthink shorn ov context, also deciding to exclude so many voices with actual experience, imprisond other voices within glass cases within a dead museum (institution within institution within institution) or provide crumbs limiting space / wordage to those voices yu allow or ‘contextualise’ to sanitise all for yu’s – then provide accessible spaces – we will come demolish

by the way asked six+ month ago what yr responsibilities under equalities act for accessibility were but yu didnt deign reply.  that clunky corner phone? almost impossible to use – arthritis caused considerable pain, dropped it multiple times, began crying & that was before hearing the actual voice ov someone wanting us dead. no wonder society calls us mad

hearing the voice durham are yu prepared to hear our voices?

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Richard Downes
Richard Downes
4 years ago

stay not dead yet, stay vibrant


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jacqui lovell
jacqui lovell
2 years ago

Bloody luv yr style and the fact that u say it like it is!!! Brilliant article ta for sharing n thinking all of the above in the first place…. 🙂

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