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in these arms riots love


since 1981 we’ve tried talking about growing up being called psycho – 2 other friends with similarly ‘colourful’ names – joey deacon went on blue peter and b4 joey even became term of abuse they got in first reclaiming it and we went ‘yu can do that with words?!’ blowing our mind beautifully.

joey got seen in 2019 thanks to greyscale theatre (, new wolsey ipswich testing ground commission especially. futures got rewritten, and the afon wysyg / river usk got a wee celebration.  this is where welsh poppies grow, britains last insurrection took place and separately part of merched beca – where frocks got worn by all to go and smash tollgates – pinchpoints in systems of oppression.  much art was made in sound and film, hundreds of visuals are online still including the above, still relevant.  love&rage

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