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more welshpoppies


welshpoppies break all binaries – and will tour alongside banner, soundscapes, pop-up exhibition, film, publication and spokenword performance plus participation – making quick public art giving voice to all – this is waters of life. spent 37 years trying to get this heard – at last getting there. afon wysyg (river usk) – has 8,000 year old footprints, a tree that cannot be carbon-dated for age (the oldest wood rotted but its at least 3,000 years old), a county lunatic asylum and the trade in lunacy (making money of madness), panopticon – to imprison the mad / bad, and water that washed away fog of meds, first punk gig, and widened horizons. 78 miles and 8,000 years of rewriting futures – come and get yr horizons expanded

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