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on drowning street erasing the d-word (disability) under covid19


recently received a northern broadsides digital squad commission – the 3 mazer films have now gone live alongside interviews. mazer are about multiple things – including how since covid19 drowning street declared eugenics and also disappeared the d-word (disability) so we are literally erased. (were writing from north of hadrians wall so listening to nicola sturgeons advice to keep shielding till at least end july), media-cycles speed up meaning disabled folks are erased from the narrative, wont be seen on the streets, as if we were never there. if drowning street told truth and used the d-word (instead of underlying health, vulnerable etc) then wed have a legal right to the same quality and quantity of air as alexander-boris-de-pfeffel-johnson sucked. mazer also offers other possibilities – problem-solvings (disabled folks locked-down (and sometimes locked-in) forever know how to problem-solve – regreenings (thanks ancient norse poem voluspa for this) – do watch

mazer – northern broadsides digital squad commission

heres script for third film – mazer iii – partly about that ancient norse poem

brick wall with chalk drawing of a plant.

a brick wall in our council backyard with axe may be in the tree but tree is in the axe since beginnings written up it

world-trees enduring is story we’ve known before.

trees mighty embrace from earth-girdling-sky to roots-bellow

where giant women pour mead among stone.

their nurture? leeks – flowerings – multiple words and worlds.

then chaos yawns, raveners born, hurl stones n thrones

binary of rich versus … this all-grab shrinking feistinesses.

sun-seducers un-knowing worth, defang memories

bring axe-age – car-age – plane-age

– each low-blow churning earth to rage in treacheries of handshake

triple-locked if economic circumstances allow –

austerity returns victorian diseases, this latest good war isn’t.

from drowning streets crimson-roost – sky-split / sun-ink / land-sink

– dividing herd from sickly – disabilities literally to die for.

remove the word disability which allowed for legal protection

call us underlying health con-ditions – yr eugenics harvesting now.

!- slaughter-lines be gone – laughter-lines returning – time is reborn.

plants-rootings are planetary bindings alive with memory.

treasure aint golden, asking the right questions are.

old harms healing – crow soar-singing – this second coming-up –

over-mountain along-shore – earth from ocean, ever-greening

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