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provoked 2 madness by the brutality of wealth e.p.


2 track e.p.  from project of the same name, which including touring show of the same namesupported by boost : third angel mentorship scheme in association with sheffield theatres. more dates to come in 2021 c.e.

night gale was commissioned by disconsortia 2020 c.e.

night gale & her son upon a heap of feathers were first broadcast by radiophrenia

dao review by James Zatka-Haas : haunting … like a dream collapsing around the edges … ability to talk about personal experiences on the one hand, but also war, COVID and negligence in the same breath, that makes the piece stand out

beside her son upon a heap of feathers. experimental radio including fragmented responses to engels condition of the working class. 2020c.e. was 200th anniversary of engels birth.

night gale. during our worst sectioning we could only cope with watching trees yet had to deal with insanities of staff, finally escapingd to sit on a rock in middle of river tees watch milky way and sing our version of fiddle and drum. new songs are needed


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