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social-distancing solved by mad, bad, rad, bi, mutha, internationalist, & feminist-b4-that-word-wz-built mary wollstonecraft

social distancing prototype

photo of hyena in petticoats by shân edwards – performance at mac birmingham

curious arts (north-east lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer + arts organisation) supported audioqueer episode 6 out now. 

nearly an hour of gobskewerings on creative resistances. including hyena in petticoats performance that solves social-distancing prototypes presented at mac birmingham (thanks 2 mike and all at dash 4 awkward bastards i & ii) and mmu manchester  (ta axisweb) channelling hyena in petticoats mary wollstonecraft, small part of a wider body of work asking what might make a ‘useful living memorial’ to these times. 2 metre petticoats and hyena masks for all! theres also more on fat-mad-big-kid-bisexual-dissidence – rose carved in rain (inspired by sergei parajanov who was all that and more) & reviewed by january-dao.

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